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I'm Ashley, poet, novelist and teacher from Australia. Big fan of the speculative fiction genres, poetry and biographies.

First Blood - David Morrell

Ace - will write a proper review soon but great stuff, very interesting to see the Chief as more of a human being and also more of Rambo's motivations too.

Amber Isle (Book of Never #1) - Giveaway

Hi! Having a giveaway here on BookLikes - you can win an e-copy of the first book in my new series :)




Roguish 'Never' is on a quest to both lift a curse on his blood and to learn his true name; but upon joining a group of treasure-hunters he soon finds himself unearthing world-altering secrets that have long lain dormant within the Amber Isle.

First in a series of epic fantasy novellas to be released in March 2016.





Reading progress update: I've read 169 out of 224 pages.

Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk

Great stuff - vivid, even though I've seen the film, still engrossed

Tomorrow When the War Began

Re-reading this for the third or fourth time, ace book and one that seems to hook reluctant teen readers more than many other books I've tried.


This time around my favourite part has been uncovering the story of The Hermit :)




Fool Moon - Jim Butcher

Yes - will definitely be moving on to Book 3 ASAP :)


More thoughts later!

Wow, thanks for the awesome review, Marjorie! :)

The magical touch is delightful!

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The Fairy Wren - Ashley Capes

This is a delightful tale of a bookstore owner and a magical little fairy wren that comes into his life. While I cringed at times at some of the idiotic decisions this young man makes almost on a daily basis, I had to like the guy and want everything to turn out for the best. He keeps getting into deeper and deeper hot water at every turn. The pages just flew along and I couldn't stop reading.


The story is imaginative and original. There's a scene in the book that I can't say too much about without giving away plot but it was such a beautiful and heart wrenching scene. The book is written in a very modern tone but has poetic touches that make it quite special.


I'll be looking into other works by this author, especially his ghost story as I believe he'd write a very good one!


I won this book in a BookLikes giveaway.

Looking toward 2016 - Comeback Year



Once, I used to read a lot.


Even during the years when I was publishing poetry more regularly, I spent more time reading than I did writing. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, whatever. It was all good.


But now that I'm also writing fiction things have changed. Over the last four years my average 'books read' count is an average of ten and I probably used to triple that (which isn't huge in an of itself either, but still, I'm reading 2/3rds less than I used to, which bugs me).


2015 my plan was to read all the Tintin books and I'm still going to make it (I'm pretty sure) but looking toward 2016 I plan to read more books! Many more. From all the genres and styles :D


That's the dream, anyway.


Of course, I'll still be writing but reading cannot be so diminished next year!


(Later, I plan to make a list, which I'll put up here and we'll see how many I manage)


Awesome review of Crossings, thanks Catherine!

Crossings by Ashley Capes

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Crossings - Ashley Capes



In the Australian bush, wildlife ranger Lisa Thomas must uncover the truth behind a giant white kangaroo and the strange deaths connected to it, while dealing with the return of her abusive ex, Ben, whose rage is quickly growing out of control.





When Ashley Capes asked if I wanted to read another one of his books, I jumped at the chance. It's been a year since I've started reading his books, and to say that I'm obsessed with his work is a understatement. 


Crossings is a story of a wildlife ranger, Lisa Thomas, and her journey to uncover the mysterious killings of wildlife animals right at her door step. And to top if off, a strange giant white kangaroo that she isn't sure if it's real or not.


Lisa deals with a lot of serious issues, from the return of her abusive ex, to her father suffering from amnesia. Nothing seems to be going smoothly for her, but instead of backing down in a corner she continues to fight on.

I enjoyed reading Ashley Capes take on these topics, not a lot of authors can do this and be good at it.


The great thing about Ashley Capes story telling is  even though it has a fantasy element to it, it doesn't feel like it. It's not over the top or in your face. By doing this it becomes more realistic.


There are so many things thar I love about this book, but knowing me whatever I say I'm just going to be spoiling it for you. So do yourself a favour and pick this book up, you will not be dissapointed.

Crossings is dark, creepy and brilliant. Can not wait to read more of Ashley Capes.






'Wind/Pinball' by Haruki Murakami



Keen to read these two - precursors to Murakami's A Wild Sheep Chase - which is one of my favs from him.