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I'm Ashley, poet, novelist and teacher from Australia. Big fan of the speculative fiction genres, poetry and biographies.

Looking toward 2016 - Comeback Year



Once, I used to read a lot.


Even during the years when I was publishing poetry more regularly, I spent more time reading than I did writing. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, whatever. It was all good.


But now that I'm also writing fiction things have changed. Over the last four years my average 'books read' count is an average of ten and I probably used to triple that (which isn't huge in an of itself either, but still, I'm reading 2/3rds less than I used to, which bugs me).


2015 my plan was to read all the Tintin books and I'm still going to make it (I'm pretty sure) but looking toward 2016 I plan to read more books! Many more. From all the genres and styles :D


That's the dream, anyway.


Of course, I'll still be writing but reading cannot be so diminished next year!


(Later, I plan to make a list, which I'll put up here and we'll see how many I manage)